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District NameSchool Name# Cohort �# Submitted �% Submitted �# Complete �% Complete �
Alabama School for the BlindAlabama School for the Blind**0.0*0.0
Alabama School of Fine ArtsAlabama School of Fine Arts655076.9*75.4
Alabaster CityThompson High School46922948.822347.5
Albertville CityAlbertville High School37317446.616343.7
Alexander CityBenjamin Russell High School20111155.210954.2
Andalusia CityAndalusia High School112*38.4*36.6
Anniston CityAnniston High School103*34.0*30.1
Arab CityArab High School18410154.99752.7
Athens CityAthens High School24010242.59740.4
Athens CityAthens Renaissance School**44.9*44.9